Back to the Future – Introduction

Back to the Future is a housing project in which I propose that in 2050, designers combine traditional house style with smart technology to improve space flexibility in the context of the post-pandemic situation and show the impact of the result. The outcome is presented in two periods. One is the presented idea home in 2050. Another will show scenes depicting the impact of this technology on residents’ interiors in ten years.

IMAGINHOME presented a new project named Back to the Future project in 2050. The BTTF control system allows residents to re-organize their housing’s functional division as they like. These systems are controlled by a mobile app, which is very convenient and easy to understand. Inspired by the illustrations of William Heath Robinson, the residential project developed the concept of a pulley power system that maximizes space utilization as an indoor movement structure to make life more comfortable for residents.


However, consumers should still be cautious before putting their faith in any technology. Because with the technology comes future concerns: Will this technology is safe enough? Will people figure out how to use it properly?

Therefore, I presented the scene of hackers breaking into the system and disrupting the lives of residents in 2060 to draw the audience’s attention to this privacy issue. If we consciously try to make some changes, maybe this kind of panic situation will not happen in the future.

interior vision2 from bttf housing 2050ver.

Resident can manage the modular system by using the BF control mobile app. The whole interior style is inspired by William Heath Robinson's illustration works.

principle of bttf housing 2050ver.

Each module of the BTTF system is numbered. After selecting the confirmation number, residents are able to move the structure by the mobile app system.

interior vision from bttf housing 2050ver.

The floor, which is composed of characteristic squares, matches the surrounding watercolor floral walls.

interior vision in 2060

Some confusing scenes when the interior structure moves without residents’ thoughts.

2060‘s Scenario -The Hacker's Monologue

Five years ago, I was an employee of BTTF Control System. I have fired a few days ago over some minor incident. I hate this company. I hate everything about BTTF. I learned the code to hack into customers' accounts in order to bring this company down. I'm going to flip the floor up and down while someone else mops it. I'm going to move it while someone's leaning against the wall. I know that recently the company is still developing the BttF system, trying to change the indoor temperature, but I can also turn it on at inappropriate times. I'm going to make a mess of this system. Can't wait to see the bad reviews on the website!

interior vision in 2060

The scene where the children are forced to stay in their rooms.