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Running since 2014, the MSc in Serious Games & Virtual Reality is an interdisciplinary programme that focusses on applications of games, games and extended reality technologies beyond simple entertainment. The programme helps students develop the transferable skills to design, develop and analyse games, simulations and extended reality (AR or VR) applications for a range of areas and to conduct interdisciplinary research in the serious applications of games technology, particularly in healthcare, education and training as well as in topics such as immersion and digital storytelling.

As Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other novel interaction technologies are increasingly reaching mainstream adoption, new opportunities for the application of immersive games technologies in engineering, medicine and in the home are putting games and playful learning at the forefront of innovation worldwide.

Highlighted this year, Heather’s work showcases some of this wide range of work – and also explores the use of Extended Reality in marketing and promotions – highlighting how brands, both big and small – can engage with and use emerging technologies to reach their audiences.

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