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Design Innovation is a programme focused on human-centred design – looking at the way the world works and identifying ways it might be better, either through big systemic changes or small interventions that help individuals: the future of work and education, the impact of social isolation, the need for better urban transport, attitudes to end of life care, the role of the city environment on mental health and physical wellbeing.

These are just some of the topics that have become Masters projects – 12-week independent explorations of the world at a human and individual scale.

To some extent, the outcomes of these projects are irrelevant (though they really are excellent, as you’ll see). Being a designer and an innovator is not just a matter of a skillset but of a mindset– something very difficult to assess or to teach.

We hope that you take the time to explore the thinking, insights and ingenuity of our 2023 cohort, by student, by theme or by tag through this site.