MSc Serious Games & Virtual Reality School of Simulation & Visualisation

Youmei Huang

I am a innovative 3D Artist and XR Experience Designer, recently graduated with a Master’s in Serious Games & VR at The Glasgow School of Art, where I also earned a BSc in 3D Model. As a passionate and self-driven individual, I am committed to leveraging my skills in 3D art and XR design to create meaningful and impactful digital experiences.


The serious games are designed to be both meaningful and playful. It is more than entertainment. The games aim to increase players’ engagement and learning experience. In my dissertation project, the Augmented Reality which is the AR is adapted into the serious game to provide immersive, interactive, and tailored learning experiences for visitors. The implementation is designed for the astronomy section where often been perceived as lacking in interaction when compared to other areas in the Glasgow Science Center. Therefore, my study is to see is the AR game increasing the players’ engagement and interactive learning experiences in the space section.

The AR serious game I have developed in this project is called: AR Rocket Builder. Player’s job is to find the right pieces for your Saturn V rocket based on the blueprint. Put the correct rocket parts on the Construction Panel. After player successfully build the game, player can reveal the cover on the launch panel in order to watch the rocket launch animation.