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Chanderkiran Thakur (He/him)

My role as a designer is to facilitate and hold space for creative collaboration and imagination. I aim to create conversation and play that experiments with alternative ways of being.

Revolution Without Frontiers

Revolution Without Frontiers

This project is an act of imagination activism. Understood as the process of conjuring that which does not exist and helping people create the tools to get there. I believe all organising is an act of science-fiction in writing a better world. Abolition movements such as No Borders and ACAB are creative practices of utopian world-building, played out in politics but also in the personal and everyday acts of solidarity, contempt and refusal. I hope to use design to articulate all that the imagination is capable of conceiving, without the structural limits of todays world.

My game design aims through play to empower young audiences to follow their own creative practices of personal resistance. The game involves character building, structured decision-making and encounter packs depending on the themes you want to explore. The young-artists studio Rumpus Rooms in Govanhill, who held this workshop, taught me the ability of play-centred spaces to expand our political horizons, form connections not bound by state structures and to organise community with intention. I aim to create an accessible space where groups can get to know their neighbours, set appropriate boundaries and experiment with other worlds.

Revolution Without Frontiers