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Plant Liberation Movement
Mapping the city-Colour of Glasgow(series)

Plant Liberation Movement

This project explores the relationship between humans and plants. By studying the Anthropocene and environmental ethics, we hope to move away from traditional anthropocentric thinking and look at plants as intelligent creatures on an equal level. We take an eco-feminist theory and reflect on what would happen if plants, like women, were to rise up to fight for their rights as liberation movements. We have created a virtual world in which plants engage in liberation movements, with the goal of
exploring the relationship between humans and nature in the context of a plant-perspective presentation that goes beyond human narratives and practices to promote a more mutual and pluralistic relationship with plants.

The project hopes to explore the possibility of plants and humans living together in harmony as equal species, stimulate human empathy for plants, and make people think critically about the relationship between humans and nature.

History of plant movement

History of plant movement

Plant role model


Space right

Vote right


Work right

Plant strike

Mapping the city-Colour of Glasgow(series)

This set of photographs was taken during an unconscious walk around Glasgow. I wandered around the city centre, looking at the architecture and environment to find a repetitive element that represents the city. The colour pink appears frequently on the streets, from the sign of people make Glasgow to the graffiti around the Art School. I recorded these pink-tinged photos with my camera. To show the main focus, I used Photoshop to turn the images into black and white, keeping only the pink colour. Pink represents the vibe of Glasgow, with its bright colours standing out in the urban environment, it represents the direct and vivid attitude of Glasgow. It is the city’s brand and name card. I wanted this single characteristic to be repeated in all the photographs, with one colour representing one city. No people appear in this group of photographs, but the colour already represents them. Digging deeper into the story behind the city’s branding, it is shaped by a conversation with people around the world residents, visitors and fans of the city have their say and share their thoughts. The response was that the people of Glasgow make the city great, which ultimately led to the development of PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW. The spirit of Glasgow is determined by the people who live and move here, and the atmosphere and mood they carry influence the city to become representative of its vibrant nature. The series is still ongoing and I hope to capture more of the pink in Glasgow’s architecture.