MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Wan Qi Fong

Design is not just an art; it also offers solutions to problems. Through the combination of engineering and design, functional and practical solutions can be created to address real-life issues. Effective communication between the product and the user is equally important, ensuring that users can easily understand how to use the product at first sight.



3D-printed CAM Boot

3D-printed CAM Boot

My work focuses on ankle foot orthotics, walker boots, and alternative plaster casts. These devices keep the foot and ankle in a relatively neutral position during ambulation, supplying excellent support and evenly distributing the load over a larger area. By consulting orthopaedists and walker boot users, I have found certain issues that need to be resolved.


To tackle these challenges, I have adopted a combination of Generative Design (Fusion 360), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and 3D printing technology. By using these tools along with human factors considerations, I have developed a final boot design that can be customized to fit individual feet. The result is a lighter, better-ventilated, easy-to-clean, and quick-drying product that reduces manufacturing time and minimizes the risk of secondary pain. Additionally, the improved recyclability of the boot promotes sustainability compared to current walker boots.

3D Printed CAM Boot CAD

An easy wear on customized CAM Boot that provide better ventilation, light weight, and secondary pain free

3D-Printed CAM Boot CAD in Real-life Situation


Prototype Model Test in Real-life