MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Srijeeta Srivastava (she/her)

Reading about the works of Leonardo Da Vinci made me realise that there is a unity between creativity and critical thinking, and that, for me, is design. As a product designer, my products are created from a place of thoughtfulness, respect, and passion; if there is a problem that I am passionate about, I will design a solution for it.

Leveraging my electrical engineering background with my sheer interest in product design and music, my major project focuses on how to empower and engage communities with similar interests – people who share the love of playing fretted instruments such as a guitar or ukulele.

Anyone who has tried learning guitars would know that the prominent reasons are difficulty remembering and learning chords, absence of access to guitar tutors and lack of personalised feedback. Hence, in enhancing this pedagogical experience, I optimised the ease and efficacy for individuals by visual learning of chords and building muscle memory through correct finger positioning and visual feedback.

The idea is to have a detachable device that fixes onto your instrument and enables you to play it as you go without much prior knowledge. Furthermore, this can also be integrated with an app for ease of use.



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Chord Sensei


In today’s world, people struggle to find the motivation and resources to pursue new hobbies and interests, leading to feelings of boredom, disengagement, and isolation. Furthermore, with so many options available, it can be challenging to find the right activity that truly resonates with you. In addition, there is a growing need for community and connection, especially as remote work and online interactions become more prevalent.

Play is an application that enables meaningful interactions between people and encourages forming communities. It also extensively focuses on the importance of making hobbies a part of life.

It enables you to:
find new hobbies
meet new people
Meet people with similar interests as you

Chord Sensei

A survey by Fender shows that 90% of guitar players abandon playing within a year of
beginning. They struggle to be consistent in learning and eventually lose interest.

Primary reasons for the same include-
● Lack of progress
● Lack of feedback
● Difficulty remembering chords
● Building muscle memory etc.
ChordSensei is an integrated music-learning platform for beginners and amateurs wanting to
improve their play outside lessons or for self-learners.

The product is aimed at people who prefer to learn it themselves (self-learners)
and people who do not have the time or access to one-on-one tutorials. One prominent factor of
struggle was found to be the loophole in the feedback mechanism. In the case of a fretted
instrument, the majority struggled with learning and remembering the chords. That is where
ChordSensei comes in.