MDes Interior Design School of Design

Simona Giordano (she/her)

I am an interior designer with an interest in social issues, human behaviour and urban regeneration. My background in sociology has shaped up my understanding of societal phenomena, while my design studies have helped translate my thoughts into spatial imagery, aimed at creating environments that convey moods and feelings.

Intimate Immensities
Gorbals Glitch
The Waiting Room

Intimate Immensities

For this project, I was assigned to explore an underground car park set in Finnieston. Being one of the most gentrified areas in the country, the district is son to become one fo the densest too. Starting from definining my idea of host, I have undertaken an investigation into how our minds (hosts) share a symbiotic relationship with thoughts. This explorative journey culminated into developing an interest ofr digital art therapy and societal health. In my proposal, the edge-cutting XT technologies, combined with the sensorial approach of hydrotherapy, can provide the residents of Finnieston, with a wellbeing centre, focussed on reinforcing the importance of intimate spaces and self-care.

Changing rooms.
Leaving the changing rooms.
Relax area
Entering the pod.
Pool of infinities.
Pool of infinities (showers).
Floating Pods.

Gorbals Glitch

The project explores the digital repurpose of Glasgow’s Caledonia Road Church, leveraging digital platforms to revive its lost interiors after a 1960s fire. Gorbals Glitch is an illustrated proposal for a videogame that delves into collective memory of the obliterated district of the Gorbals. Players can explore interconnected digital realms via stained-glass window portals, collecting totems, mundane objects, representing shared Old Gorbals memories, and placing them on the church’s altar. This virtual world blends historical and contemporary architectural elements, creating a glitch due to discrepancies between historical records and the present.

Map of the gorbals Glitch.
Entering the world of the Gorbals Glitch.
The sanctuary.
The Altar.
The Portal Room.
Render of the Portal Room
The Altar.

Noise from the Glitch Church

Noise from the Glitch Church 2

The Waiting Room

I am proposing the design for a Glasgow Council run “Centre for Cultural Promotion”. This project is the result of my first semester research on Sauchiehall street. My proposal comes from observing a high turnover of lease in the commercial units of the hight street, focusing specifically on an assigned bloc. I found out that many indipendent shops and franchises have closed down. What is left is a very narrow choice of fast food joints and bars, offering heterogenous entertainment, driven by mindless consumers, who are manipulated into binge-drinking first and binge-eating at the end of the night.
This phenomen, which also extends to the majority of the street, is familiar to many, to the point that it’s become a ritualistic way to go out and socialise.

My intervention focuses on proposing the existance of a place in which people can meet up and look for an event happening on the day. The Centre for Cultural Promotion would serve as a Lobby in which people can wait for each other and meet, and chose together their destination. The centre’s aim is to inform residents and tourists on events happening in the city, while providing a place for people to establish new rituals in their social lives.

Site Context

The Glasgow Centre for Cultural Promotion resides on 494 Sauchiehall street.On its facade, 7 LCD screen are displaying the events happening on the day. This is to create a meeting point in the street, but also allow information to be available to passers-by.

The Centre for Cultural Promotion on Sauchiehall Street

The Waiting Room

Inside, the place offers a waiting area for meet ups, a row of seating booths, a help desk and ticket machines for users who would like to look up at upcoming events and print physical copies of their tickets,

The Waiting Room / Renders

The interiors feature many references to the surrounding architecture. The booths have pitched and rounded roofs. The feature wall in the picture above, is made of cork bricks and the green frame holding the screens, is a nod to the buildings framing the site from the slope of Garnet Hill. The Waiting area however, is sunken, to emphasize the different heights within the building, and its rounded to symbolise a moment of coming together, even between strangers. The waiting area is designed to solely function as a seating space. This way the user is motivated to look around, checking the screens or even engaging with others.
Bordering the waiting area and framed by the lowered ceiling, the rear section of the floor, features 3 open booths with ticket machines.

Ticket Booth

I wanted to create a space with dark tones and bright light to contrast the more calming tones of the entrance. This shift wants to trigger a sense of exciment whilst marking a moment of passage from meeting up and getting ready to go out.

App for The Centre for Cultural Promotion.

This App will allow users to print custom tickets to access events and keepsake.