Innovation School MSc International Management & Design Innovation

Shuqing Ma (Miss)

Hi, I’m Shuqing, undergraduate trained as an industrial designer and now master studying in design innovation, have a strong passion in design and innovation. In my creative pursuits, I tend to look into people’s emotions and feelings, deriving immense satisfaction from witnessing how my projects contribute to cultivating happier experience 🙂



“GloboPal: Jobventure Buddies” – a groundbreaking proposal dedicated to enhancing the journey of international students navigating the intricate UK job landscape post the PSW visa revival. As students worldwide flock to the UK for advanced education and career opportunities, they often grapple with visa complexities and cultural disparities, which can lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety.

This initiative is designed to establish a unique online community exclusively for international students. Unlike traditional job centers, GloboPal cultivates unity and shared growth, encouraging the exchange of knowledge, stories, and empathy. This transforms job hunting from a solitary pursuit into a collective endeavor, where students uplift and support each other.

Through fostering mutual support, GloboPal aims to create an environment where international students build connections, share experiences, and overcome challenges as a united front. This platform becomes a global family of companions, providing emotional and practical aid in the job search process. Join us in turning uncertainties into triumphs, as we embark on a united “Jobventure” with GloboPal, where international students stand together, cheer each other on, and find their sense of belonging in a foreign land.

To enhance camaraderie and foster connections, our platform thrives on equitable, unrestricted interaction. It facilitates tag-based friend matching, suggesting shared topics for initial conversations. Unlike a work profile showcasing your skills, this is a relaxed social arena where tags reveal your multi-dimensional character


"In this virtual camaraderie, users become fellow explorers in each other's professional journeys. Posters enjoy open forum discussions, while viewers choose modules of interest: policy news, Q&A, success tales, and even daily musings. Any resource is a click away from being added to your personal toolbox, readily accessible when needed. You can also share from your toolbox within chats with your pals. The toolbox also boasts handy job-hunt aids like task calendars, application trackers, and workplace personality assessments.


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