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Qiaonan Ma (She/Her)

I am a detail-oriented thinker dedicated to creating cross-creative design solutions. While studying design, I had the opportunity to engage with various cultures and communities, which further inspired me to discover stories around me. This helped me recognize unique problems, and I strive to provide solutions when needed.

My experiences in brand building, strategic planning, visual content creation, and direct interaction and collaboration with other industry members have fueled my determination to become a problem solver.

Museum change lives

Museum change lives


This project explores the possibility of museums enhancing living opportunities. The delivery service is a series of participatory activities based on responding to the museum’s current values and mission. It aims to break down barriers to entry and promote dialogue using the living collections in the Burrell collection. The goal is to transform the Burrell Collection into a space for socialization and sparking creativity, celebrating diversity both inside and outside the museum. This is achieved by listening to and sharing stories, building cultural connections, and fostering understanding within the expatriate community in Glasgow and among locals.


In fact, over the past two decades, museums have witnessed a decline in visitors, with audiences trending older and predominantly white. The rise of digital media, competition from other entertainment industries, the pandemic, and intense debates about racial justice all highlight the urgency for museum evolution. Tracing back to 1951, global museum authorities have repeatedly re-envisioned the concept of museums to adapt to changing times. It’s evident that museums aspire to be more inclusive, diverse, and socially impactful.

What’s the key to this transformation? Interaction with the community. Based on pioneering practices, participatory strategies revitalize traditional cultural institutions while preserving their essence.

They also promote participants’ health and well-being, create better living and working spaces, and encourage decision-making, debate, and reflection.


How can we reconnect people with museums through community participation to better meet the needs and interests of both parties?


As an innovative designer, my value lies in bridging gaps and making intangible visions and goals tangible. During this research process, I found that the new definition proposed in 2022 is still in the exploratory stage for most museums. Although they verbally value the voices of visitors, the expertise of the staff is often valued more than the insights and experiences of the visitors. Therefore, the practices of these pioneers leave limited valuable experiences. I want to use my capabilities to continue exploring the possibilities of museums in the future, to rejuvenate this venue, and to make the museum serve as a platform. Using its existing function of protecting and preserving exhibits, it can stimulate potentially interesting, challenging, and rich interactions between participants and others. Through the museum’s original display function, such practices can influence more museum practitioners and audiences.

Furthermore, as an artist, I am interested in continuing to work on design projects related to art, civic services, cultural institutions, etc. This graduation design is an excellent starting point.


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