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Millatina Mokobombang

A multidisciplinary designer with passion and experience in interior design, architecture, and design innovation. Designing for a sustainable future.

Zero Waste Construction

Zero Waste Construction

Construction is Scotland’s largest source of landfill waste which also significantly contributed to the nation’s carbon emissions and natural resource consumption, making it one of the priority sectors of Scotland’s Zero Waste and Net Zero Plan. To adapt for the future, a more circular construction practice by built environment professionals and businesses is needed.




As a solution, my proposal is to have a local digital platform that provides standardised data about reusable building materials and products. The platform facilitates the reuse of building materials and products by making the data accessible, reliable, and integrated for built environment professionals and businesses. The proposal aims to reduce construction and demolition waste, slow down raw material consumption, and retain as much value in building materials locally.


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Reusable Building Material Hierarchy in Scotland

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