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Meichen Fang

I am an interdisciplinary service designer with a passion for nature, community well-being and national culture. My commitment is to respond to the complexity of social change while promoting harmony between people and ecosystems. I hope to work towards creating a more inclusive and diverse society. My focus on addressing challenges, fostering community bonds, balancing the need for sustainable progress, and honoring our cultural heritage motivates me to make meaningful contributions to a better world. Let’s work together to shape a future of balance, understanding and unity.

Foragow-Find Nature in Glasgow

Foragow-Find Nature in Glasgow

In our rapidly urbanizing world, a worrying trend has emerged: a general disconnection from the natural world, leading to what experts call “nature deficit disorder”. Recognizing the far-reaching effects of this separation, our project delves into the psychological underpinnings that drive this phenomenon. Our research has identified a fundamental factor – a declining sense of belonging to nature. By facilitating a paradigm shift to view the land as a communal entity to which we belong, we trigger a transformative process of loving and reverent connection.
Our initiative centers on Indigenous foraging as a key catalyst for fostering a sense of belonging to the intricate tapestry of natural communities. We strongly believe that rekindling this relationship can effectively bridge the gap between people and nature. During the foraging experience, we encourage participants to embrace the nature of plants, growth narratives and native habitats. Through these shared encounters, a deep sense of belonging takes root, fostering a renewed kinship with the environment.
To realize our vision, we have crafted a series of vibrant workshops. These workshops have been carefully designed to foster plant awareness, realign attention to the plants themselves, and ultimately co-create comprehensive plant manuals. In doing so, we empower individuals to become stewards of their natural environment, capable of creating lasting and enriching connections with it.
As our program unfolds, we envision a future where every foray into the wilderness becomes an adventure of self-discovery and reconnection. By utilizing indigenous foraging methods, we aspire to encourage individuals to not only break away from the frenetic pace of the city, but to truly reconnect with a sustained embrace of the beauty and wisdom of nature.

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