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Moving Towards Slow Fashion

Moving Towards Slow Fashion

The United Kingdom purchases more clothing than any other European country, resulting in millions of items of apparel ending up in landfills each year. Fast fashion is mass-produced and homogeneous. It is intended to be inexpensive, simple, and quick to produce; it uses low-cost materials and labour, short lead times, and efficient large-volume production. Hence, the fast fashion industry dominating the industry for ages and implemented a linear economy that is not sustainable for the environment. The industry is affecting many sectors, such as the environment, workers and even designers and influencing fashion customers to keep purchasing low-quality and inexpensive clothes. Hence, this system is making the buyers more hedonic, not valuing their clothes and, unfortunately, making people impulsive in buying.

“Slow Fashion” describes a gradual shift in the fast-paced clothing business. In opposition to the current quick trend that the fast fashion industry implements. It is a socially conscious movement that transforms consumers’ perspectives from quantity to quality, encouraging them to purchase fewer high-quality products. Slow fashion is a movement that could be the fashion industry’s future. thoughtful purchases are a response to people’s behaviour, lowering the rates of impulsive buying and shopping for unnecessary clothes without actually needing them. Through this campaign aims to educate people about the damage of fast fashion industry caused and make fashion customers rethink when they want to buy new clothes. It will indirectly lessen the number of people buying unnecessary clothes and maximise the function of existing clothes in their closets. In the big picture, by starting to implement small steps in the slow fashion movement, such as thoughtful purchases, it is expected to gradually reduce the damage of fast fashion around us.

Create a campaign that aims to raise people’s awareness about the drawback of fast fashion and show the importance to implement slow fashion on a daily basis. make a tool kit that could trigger people to be more thoughtful and reconsider when do an impulsive purchase. The campaign will use different offline media, such as billboards, newspapers, booths, booklets, leaflets, and card games.
As a starter to run this campaign, the plan is to deploy in Glasgow at particular points. Moreover, to run this campaign booth, I place the booth in the city centre located at Buchanan Street near the Buchanan subway station. Glasgow’s largest pedestrian promenade, Buchanan Street, recorded 52.7 million pedestrians in 2019, making it the second-busiest high street in the United Kingdom after Oxford Street (Completely Retail, n.d.).
Moreover, the plan is to do this campaign during Black Friday and Boxing Day in November and December. It is because Black Friday is now one of Britain’s most extensive shopping days, with sales occurring over an extended period (Bradshaw, 2019).

Problem Findings To solution

The framework of how the problem is happening and the impact to the proposed solution

Newspaper Campaign

The advertisement shows during Black Friday


The leaflet contains a set of multiple questions that people could use as a guideline before deciding to buy another useless clothes

Card Games

Contains guidelines and final card

card game complete

Card games as a tangible tool to encourage people to contemplate their purchasing habits and make thoughtful purchases through a series of related questions. It consists of 21 questions list and three quizzes.


It contains set of facts about the damage of fast fashion and recommendations of the activity to implement slow fashion

Billboard stand

A poster of the campaign will be available on the public spaces

Bus Stop Advertisement

The campaign poster also will be available on bus stop station

Subway Advertisement

the poster of the campaign will be on the subway station

The Project Logic Model

It shows how the project works and the short-term impact to long-term impact.