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Liam Pearce

My name is Liam Pearce, and I am a graphic designer with a particular interest in immersive technologies, focusing on how we as artists and designers can adapt artistic mediums and concepts towards an increasingly digital era, and how this may immerse our viewers to push new concepts in presenting and tacking socioeconomic issues across aspects of education and healthcare industries.

Throughout my studies within GSA, I have invested my time in developing my skill set within immersion and interaction design, focusing on bridging graphic devices and interactive media (Such as AR, VR and software development) to tackle issues facing healthcare systems across both human and veterinary medicine. By focusing on interaction modalities that elicit emotional responses from the user, my work aims to immerse users in generated digital worlds.

My aims for the future are to further push the potential of immersive technologies as a vessel for design and innovation, following how we can deploy this media as tool for understanding and developing abstract concepts, furthering understanding the impact this media has on our daily lives.

Virtual Veterinarian
Volumetric Data Visualization

Virtual Veterinarian

This project aimed to offer a solution for a lack of skills-based training tools within the current veterinary curricula. The use of VR for training complex clinical procedures tackles educational and ethical barriers currently facing veterinary students, by offering an immersive and engaging way to practice transferable skills in a way that both reinforces anatomical theory and promotes the development of psychomotor skills. Through the use of head-mounted displays, users engage in a fully immersive environment wherein they are able to learn and practice CSF sampling techniques to improve their confidence with these practices in clinical environments. Responses from vet students have shown an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards this learning model, stating they would like to see immersive technologies intertwined with their education in the future.

Volumetric Data Visualization