MLitt Art Writing School of Fine Art

Kate Timney (she/her)

Kate Timney is an artist & writer from Cumbria, based in Glasgow, working across and between art writing, creative publishing, art education and printmaking. She co-edits a journal called Pala Press, and lectures in Fine Art.



An interstice is a small gap, a crack, a seam or aperture, from the Latin to stand between.

This book presents moments of in-betweenness: post-lockdown, post-illness, post-industrial; across the course of a weekend, where a journey breaks down and the narrator waits out a storm at her parents’ house in Northern England. Feelings of political frustration and disorientation are pitched against attention as a mode of optimism, with a closely held gaze that takes in the details in the weather, the landscape and lives that fill up the weekend.