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Jinyi Li

As a Scorpio, I am good at summarizing and distilling details, and I can make use of these characteristics for innovative design and logical expression. As an MBTI is ENFJ, I like planning and am good at communicating with others, with strong appeal and persuasion. I like to try new things and have many hobbies: horse riding, skiing, hiking, rock climbing. In addition, I can also find more sources of inspiration from my hobbies, which can be used in your design.


Electronics waste craft community

Electronics waste craft community

In a time when electronic waste (e-waste) is in trouble, the project repurposes e-waste into materials and structures for interior design. Studying e-waste – circuit boards, wires and screens, these components are attractive in appearance, functionality and specifically, create a craft community through the innovative integration of movable and rotatable wall mechanisms.

E-Wate Problems

Site Problems

Space Activities

In order to conform to my concept of expanding space with constantly changing size and space function, I divided the movement of the core area of the interior into rotation and sliding to find the possibility of space change.

The process of dynamic wall adaptation in interior Design

Dynamic Wall Adaptation In First Floor

Dynamic Wall Adaptation In First Floor

Dynamic Wall Adaptation In Second Floor

Final Model

Elevation View

visualization display

visualization display