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Iona Marshall (She/Her)

Iona Marshall is an artist with a back-ground in theatre and performance which has developed into a more experimental approach in practical explorations of movement, moving-image and art writing. Her work is autobiographical and is made from a necessity rather than a want.
Work that is processual in its making, and which is therapeutic in its act. She is fascinated by spaces of liberation and this has shifted from heterotopias such as rave and club spaces, to the home. Her work is autobiographical, and she is currently investigating what home means to her through her writing, be that place and people, past or present.

Reconstructed Home is the artists ‘final reckoning’ into her exploration of home, exposing herself in the vulnerability of her private space, she aims to invoke a response into the ever-shifting intangible sense of home.

Reconstructed Home

Reconstructed Home

Reconstructed Home is a film about a 22 year old girl living with her 24 year old boyfriend and 11 month old cat. This home is important because it’s starting to feel like I’m establishing roots, when I’ve never done that before.
I understand that home now finds itself in someone other than my mother.
I still think it’s split between the two. This film is about the process of understanding this shift, through its creation.
The difficulty in that, the emotions that come with it, the bittersweetness of leaving home, and finding a new one with someone else.
I am merely living in the space, making art about its effect on me.

Reconstructed Home is the ‘final reckoning’ of the artists exploration into home, she uses recorded footage of the poetry in the mundanity of her daily life, filming the vulnerability of herself in her private space. She aims to invoke a response into that feeling of home.

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