MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Ewan Mathieson (He/Him)

As a Product Design Engineer with a solid foundation in Mechanical Design Engineering, my practice involves the ideation, design, and development of practical solutions from concept to production. I possess a keen interest in the principles of circularity, sustainability and innovation and incorporate them into my work when possible. I am passionate about using my skills to genuinely improve lives by solving societal, environmental and sustainability problems.

My major project is a solution to the 250,000 abandoned tents at music festivals each year. By delving into the mindset of those who abandon tents and by questioning music festival organisers, I have gained insights into the philosophies and motivations of both parties. By analysing these insights and through the application and testing of innovative size expanding mechanisms, I developed a housing structure specifically designed for rental services. Including a quick pitch mechanism, allowing users to easily pitch and pack the structure, maximising efficiency, and user convenience. The structure is composed of an exo-frame that provides robust and weatherproof support and many more features that help produce a streamlined and enjoyable user experience.

Overall, my project looks to promote and provide realistic and approachable solutions to the growing issue of resource wastefulness and aims to inspire circularity in people lives.

MSc PDE Major Project: Festival Accommodation Redesign

MSc PDE Major Project: Festival Accommodation Redesign


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