MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Bharadhwaj Ramachandran

“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas.”

Hailing from a Mechanical Engineering and Robotics background, I began to understand the importance of good design and user interaction in this course. Interaction with users and designing with them opens up an avenue for new ideas that challenge our concept of the problem. This conflict of ideas shapes the product to the user’s needs and enhances the product’s experience. Such conflict with our grasp of the problem leads to creative new ways to address the opportunity.

The application of sound engineering to these newfound design exercises with human-centered design gives rise to complete products that cater to the user’s needs and enhance their lifestyle. I look forward to further applying these concepts in future developments to create products that “inspire”.



Aquotic is an open-water safety equipment. It monitors the core-body temperature of the swimmer and issues warnings if it reaches dangerous levels to prevent the onset of hypothermia. The device is integrated into the form of an earplug and attaches to the swim goggles.

“The aquatic life is so exotic

Their beauty is something quite hypnotic

An underwater world for you to see

A chance to explore and to be free”

Aquotic Video Demo


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The product