MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Adam Nolan

With a background in graphic design, my work embraces a graphic approach to illustration. My prior practice was rooted in digital processes. However, while studying at GSA, I developed an interest in printmaking techniques, including linocuts, monoprints and screen printing, explored through experimental, process-led approaches.

I find this method results in innovative, exciting work and engages me in the creative process of making. Typography and the pairing of image and text is of particular interest to me. My interests in history, music and nature also inform my practice, often leading me to work with themes of identity.


Say Your Paryers

Say Your Paryers

My most recent project, Say Your Paryers, is a meditation on my childhood. Having grown up in an Irish Catholic family, I am intrigued by the kitsch, low-budget printed material of the Catholic Church. I’ve reappropriated this visual language to produce a collection of satire-laced printed objects – a reflection on my changing outlook on the Church, its influence over a highly formative period of my life and its influence over my creative practice today.


Rosary Bead DS

Raffle Tickets

Prayer Cards

The Creationist Terror

Baptism Certificate

Tape and Vinyl

Holy Cards