MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Ziqi Yuan (She/Her)

I am a Beijing and New York based illustrator. My work is mostly based on
my daily life and inner feelings to imaginatively capture the seemingly small
moments in life and interpret them in unique ways. I believe that
communication requires more than words, sometimes the message conveyed
by a picture is more emotional, and it allowed people to see different sides of
daily life. With a focus on creating narrative illustration outcomes using digital
drawing techniques, and imitating the aesthetic of traditional ink, I also work
with traditional materials such as charcoal and pastel. I enjoy observing people
and environments using traditional drawings for inspiration.

Relax,It’s just Anxiety

Relax,It’s just Anxiety

Relax! Is just anxious is a personal journal that talks openly about my mental health. I
suffered from anxiety in a stressful and pressurized environment at college and my work
seeks to be explore the negative feelings that anxiety brings and to convey these feelings in
a relatable way. This is a long term project and I have been recording uninterruptedly over
the months, each of my panic inducing anxiety triggers (however small or insignificant) are
recorded and shared through simple colors and lines, abstraction and textures. I’ve also
paired my drawings with a short text to help with narrative. My work is not about
conveying negative feelings, but rather a record of living peacefully and managing negative


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