MDes Interior Design School of Design

Zijian Wei

I am an interior designer who is keen interested in natural space. In my design, I pay great attention to the natural atmosphere, feelings and the which natural way in which the space heals people. I clearly feel that whenever I step into the natural environment, such as  parks, mountains, forests, rivers and other landscapes, I will feel unwind, delightful and also get energy from it. Therefore, the connection between natural space and people and things is the direction which I want to trending in.




This is an art design studio, located in the Lion Club Building in Hope Street, Glasgow. This space explores the theme of how nature exists in space and another possibility of expressing natural space through narrative space based on ancient stories. Its inspiration comes from an ancient story ‘Peach Blossom Spring’. The story tells that the hero lost his way while wandering in the mountains and accidentally found the ‘natural holy land’. When he left, he wanted to return to this place again, but there was no place to find it. This utopian landscape concept and scene is described by later generations as people deliberately avoid the city – get away from the city and come to a mysterious and beautiful paradise. I used the development process of this story to reproduce a narrative space and let people experience it. Finally, my view on this space is to deepen people’s understanding and experience of nature, generate a primitive sense of belonging, and rethink the relationship between man and nature.