MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Zifan Wang (Gerald) (They)

As a graphic designer, I pursue work involving collaboration with a broad range of art disciplines and mediums. My own practice has included work in: photography, installation, graphic manipulation and generative art. I am motivated to explore new perspectives and derive new opportunities from more traditional or conventional graphic design techniques.

My practice is informed by my observations of human activities and research into psychological phenomena; specifically, subjects relating to human desire and mentality that have informed the direction of my projects at GSA.


Dinner, Man and Woman

Dinner, Man and Woman

飲食男女 (Dinner, Man and Woman) addresses absent love in traditional Chinese marriage with the centric scene of meal time between a married couple. Being raised in Chinese culture, I barely see romantic love in Chinese marital life other than family intimacy. Even a large group of Chinese couples conduct or maintain their marriages for the sake of others or are restrained by social morality.

In this project, I have produced a creative response in the form of a publication by integrating the symbolic signs of traditional Chinese marriage. Red candles and red thread with tableware emphasise the mental distance, stagnant emotions, and sentimental vacuum that gradually formed day by day over a 30-year marriage.


Covid has significantly changed the social interaction mode from physical contact to digital technology-based media in contemporary society, especially when people get restricted in self-isolation. The ways of communicating with the outside world only via social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facetime, WhatsApp and WeChat, etc. However, though people in isolation could use those digital technologies to connect with their close families and friends, depression, loneliness and anxiety still remain due to social isolation. Therefore, this project discusses the current communication mode limited to audio and video sources and the effects on isolated individuals.