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Zhijie Zhang

I am a Product Designer from China with a background in Product Design and Engineering. I like to be creative and have a passion for visual experiences. I believe only by understanding users can we design products that provide better experiences. I am passionate about the product design process – using multiple methods to learn more about the problems and context that users encounter, step by step, to produce a product that actually improves an experience or solves a problem. It is important for designers to have a keen eye for problems – during my GSA studies I learnt to focus on how to find issues overlooked by others.

Fly with you

Fly with you

Flying is by far the safest, and an efficient form of transport, but at least 1 in 6 people experience varying degrees of anxiety about flying. The product is aimed at the less frequent solo flyer. To have a deeper understanding of the problem, I communicated with many people with flight anxiety through the Internet and conducted interviews, focusing on their psychology, their behaviour, the effective methods they use and the precise times they feel anxious. The features that the product offers are providing more relevant information, offering a sense of companionship and relieving breathlessness in times of flight anxiety.

This Product helps ease flight anxiety by providing more information and knowledge during the flight, and calm passengers down when they are detected anxiety.

It is a wearable product that take advantage of wifi on the flight to accompany anxious passengers through the whole flight.

Product usage scenarios

Product usage scenarios

User Journey