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Zhihao Hu

Zhihao Hu is a creative product design engineer from China, with a strong interest and passion for electronic product design. Zhihao considers the natural environment and people’s lives and believes that the combination of design and technology can not only facilitate people’s current lives, and solve people’s current problems, but also extend to the future to change people’s lives. When designing, Zhihao considers the technical possibilities and human factors, paying attention to the user’s feelings and moods when using the product, to optimize the user’s experience.

Energy Meter
Rain O Shine
DEV Soil Fertility Detection and Automatic Fertilization Robot

Energy Meter

This project is an energy meter. As a coursework of human factors engineering, the structure is improved by using ergonomics, the interactive interface is improved by using user psychology, and the user experience of the existing energy meters on the market is optimized.

energy meter


Rain O Shine

The Rain O Shine Modular Umbrella is the answer to the phenomenon of damaged umbrellas being wasted. All parts of the umbrella can be disassembled and replaced manually, and users can also choose different functional components according to their own preferences. All parts are made of recyclable materials. This project is the application of the knowledge of circular design.

Rain O Shine

Usage Scenario

DEV Soil Fertility Detection and Automatic Fertilization Robot

This product is designed to help farmers control fertilizer use. More than 70% of farms in the world are small family farms of no more than 1 hectare. Small-farm farmers rely mostly on experience in the use of chemical fertilizers and the demand for crops, which often leads to overuse of chemical fertilizers, resulting in land pollution and low crop yields. The Dev small-farm robot can help farmers quickly detect the Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium (NPK) content of the land, calculate the total required amount of fertilizer and the average amount of fertilizer according to the demand of crops, and then automatically fertilize the crops. Precise fertilization by robots can reduce soil pollution and help farmers save on fertilizer costs.

DEV Robot Usage Scenario

The robot has two working modes, soil test mode and automatic fertilization mode, which can be converted by stretching the body and adding a fertilizer box.

DEV Soil Fertility Detection &Automatic Fertilization Robot - Zhihao Hu

Prototype of DEV Robot

Prototype to test its soil detection function, fertilizer calculation function and precise fertilization function.

Work Principle and Workflow

Structure Design and Details

Prototype and Test


Summary of Design Process