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Zhan Wang


Zhan Wang currently studying for an MSc in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy at Glasgow School of Art and have BA in Visual Communication in Beijing in 2021. Zhan has a great interest in medical, digital drawing and oil painting, as well as a passion for visualisation and the ability to communicate effective messages to audiences through visualisation.
Since 2021 she has been introduced to Unity programming, and various modelling, topology and segmentation studies. And she determined to continue to improve and expand my skills.

LinkedIn: ZhanWang
Pilot Whale Head

Pilot Whale Head

Cetaceans are one of the most striking creatures in the ocean, using sound for most of their life activities and relying on their auditory system. The industrialisation of our oceans has led to an increasing amount of noise pollution that could have a terrible impact on their survival. In order to better protect cetaceans, it is vital for students and volunteers to learn more about the anatomy of cetaceans and understand the functioning of their auditory system. This application focuses on the Pilot Whale’s head anatomy. Viewers can explore the head and get the information as well as get to know how their auditory system works.
This application is developed by Zhan Wang, MSc student in Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy at The University of Glasgow and The Glasgow School of Art. The data is supported by the Vet School of the University of Glasgow.





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