MDes Interior Design School of Design

Yuxin Huang

I am Yuxin Huang, a designer who has been studying interior design for five years. I like to
document life, take photographs, paint, travel and try to explore more possibilities. There
are many things that I like, but the design is something that I love and have always been
committed to. As a designer, my energy is to give life to a space, each space has its own
properties, temperature, dimension, and its own unique emotion, I want this space to be
given more meaning in the future process. I like Zaha’s quote about my design
philosophy: There are 360 degrees. Why stick to one?



In today’s age, technology is developing rapidly, people are enjoying the convenience
brought by high technology, and more people are even aspiring to live in the metaverse.
However, many ancient architectures are still unprotected, which carry the civilization of
mankind and show the wisdom of the ancients in their way. There are many games where
the virtual worlds have been restored and the player can experience them. So, I started to
think about how I could integrate these ancient buildings into the virtual world, not by
replicating them one-to-one in the metaverse, but by using elements of these ancient
architectures to create immersive cultural spaces in the virtual world.