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Yunjia Feng

I am an interior designer from Shanghai with an interest in residential, stage, and exhibition design. I am passionate about treating the social environment as a field of exploration, using subjective initiative to intervene in the space with emotional narratives, enhancing the mutual perception of the environment and people, allowing them to have an immersive emotional experience. Furthermore, I also like to experiment with interdisciplinary fusion in my art making to give new narrative forms to the space, to make the experiencer understand the value of the space itself and to reconstruct the relationship between them.


Design is about problem solving and we should take responsibility for it. In the context of the post-pandemic era, people are still more or less in the shadow of the economic recession. With this comes an increasing number of trade disputes arising from borrowing. Therefore, I choose Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’ as the main background of the story in my project. By taking the theatrical conflict of the contract of ‘pound of flesh’ as the topic of design, I use the form of immersive theater to bring the audience an impressive experience. More importantly, let them have deeper understanding and thinking about this social issue of loan disputes in the process of dialogue and interaction with actors and each other.

Project Background
Design Concept
Spatial Development

Project Background

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shock waves through societies and economies around the world. The impacts of the disease and of measures to control it have raised questions about epidemic reparedness and more generally about development, past, present and future.

The world situation has changed considerably in the postepidemic period and, at the same time, the post-epidemic era is accompanied by certain challenges. On the one hand, economic, financial and social systems will face major adjustments and reconstruction, which will require concerted efforts on the part of the Government and all sectors of society. On the other hand, the uncertainty and instability of the global economic system will be further aggravated, which may cause many adverse impacts on enterprises, individuals and society.


The Merchant of Venice, a play written by English dramatist William Shakespeare around 1596-1597, is a satirical comedy.

The plot of the play develops through two lines: the relationship of the protagonists and the contractual dispute over the ‘pound of flesh’. The play reflects the conflict between the commercial bourgeoisie and the usurers in the early capitalist period, and expresses the author’s humanist thoughts on the issues of finance, law and religion in early bourgeois society.