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Yulong He (He/Him)

I enjoy communicating with people from diverse cultural backgrounds to broaden my understanding of the world. I’m passionate about identifying overlooked issues and addressing them. In fact, I believe that pinpointing a problem is even more significant than crafting a design solution itself. Interacting with different individuals allows me to overcome my own biases and approach challenges more holistically. As a designer with a cross-disciplinary background, I relish the opportunity to view problems from multiple perspectives. Our world is fraught with heartbreaking events daily – wars, natural disasters, poverty, to name a few. My professional goal is to assist those marginalized groups through the power of my design.

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From Smoked Delights to Streamed Revival: The Renaissance of Wild Salmon

From Smoked Delights to Streamed Revival: The Renaissance of Wild Salmon

This project designs a circular economy system to upcycle charcoal in the smoked salmon industry to produce organic fertilizers. And it adds value to the materials in a manner that can restore the natural habitat of wild salmon.

Every year, the production of smoked salmon in the UK generates hundreds of tons of charcoal, which currently lacks efficient disposal methods.

Through my research and interviews, I’ve learned that wild salmon face threats from fungal diseases linked to rising water temperatures. By planting trees along the upstream riverbanks, we can create shade and cool the waters. However, the challenge lies in the soil’s nutritional deficiency, and the use of chemical fertilizers is not an option.

Thus, I’ve developed a comprehensive system grounded in circular economy principles and a brand design that bridges food production with environmental conservation. This approach seeks to establish a sustainable balance between ecological and economic gains.