MDes Interior Design School of Design

Yujing Lin

Yujing believes that space is the container of body and spirit. She has been exploring different ways to interpret the interior design, and focuses on the influence of space on human psychology and the behavioral patterns triggered by different spatial qualities. She sees herself as a space creator of spiritual life. Speculative design, transformation, and imagination are the design methods used by Yujing during her design process.



By means of imagination, transformation and 3D printing, fur fiber are transformed into space materials. The materialization and reminiscence of space is the theme of this project. Narrative space-Being existence in the way of trace and silhouette.

Fur fiber transformation

Fur fiber surface wall

Fur Fiber Transformation



An experience narrative space-the consciousness of abstractness is transformed into a space to be experienced. The space encourages individuals to engage in self-dialogue and individualize the interpretation and narrative of their self-consciousness. Experience the invisible consciousness through space to feel and be aware of the unspeakable and connect the deep heart. Finally, space plays a role in promoting cognitive mental health.

Smell Tunnel

Space design

Infinited room


Moveable, foldable is the theme of this project. This is a space practice: Pop up Urban interior- serves as a temporary spiritual refuge from the over-stimulating web world and provides a chance to encounter people in the post-pandemic era.

Pop up urban interior



Folding Interior