MDes Fashion & Textiles School of Design

Yujia Shi

I am Yujia, a fashion designer, mainly focusing on the design of silhouettes. I enjoy working on silhouette and structure of garments and I am particularly interested in deconstruction and exaggerated silhouette and structure.


My work this year is mainly focused on combining geometric shapes with garments on different planes, turn 3D garment into 2D to create a visual contrast.


I got excited about how to create a playful sense of space in garment. I am committed to breaking the conventional silhouette and structure of garment to generate some new possibilities. I researched some exaggerated silhouettes and some deconstructionist garment, I also researched different wood structures to make the wooden frame in order to achieve an exaggerated shape.


My final collection demonstrates exaggerated silhouettes, as well as deconstructed design points. The collection revolves around the two key words of plane and 3D.

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“Flatten it”

“Flatten it”

My Final project was inspired by the artwork from Patricia Belli. Frames wrapped in clothes caught my attention in the art gallery.

Usually, the garments are in 3D when worn on people. What kind of effect will be if these garments are converted into 2D planes. My collections are like garments grown from planes. 3D garment structures stand on the plane and produce an effect between a 3D normal garment and a plane.