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Yuhui Zhang

Shanghai-based interior designer, I have a strong interest in spaces and exhibitions. My work this year has been focused on renovation of space. I like to study the historical changes a city or a building has undergone. It will give me a sense of dialogue with the past and I will learn a lot of interesting stories. I also like to record these traces of history with photographs. I hope that I can renovate some historical spaces, so that they can keep up with the development of the times and will not be forgotten by people, which is very meaningful for me.

A new story in the old city

A new story in the old city

Due to the special historical reasons of China, collective houses in China have experienced an unusual development process. Some collective houses have become dilapidated because they were constructed many years ago. The government and relevant personnel could not reach a consensus on how to reconstruct and reuse this area, because the land is expensive or has historical value. This project will try to carry out reasonable transformation of these collective houses, so that they can adapt to the needs of urban construction and development while retaining their own value.

In these early collective houses in China, due to the influence of material conditions, the area used for living is very limited, which leads to the residents having to use some public space to meet their basic living needs. This phenomenon made people’s relationship more intimate at that time. Neighbors have frequent contacts and are familiar with each other. The fact that the interpersonal relationship in modern housing is weakened should attract people’s attention, because it has brought about social consequences that cannot be ignored. Therefore, if we can improve the living environment of the Lao Cheng Xiang and provide a collective space, it is a very good choice to keep the close relationship between neighbors.

collage city

traces of the old city

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