MLitt Fine Art Practice School of Fine Art

Yufeng Hu

I am a Ceramist who has been studying ceramics for five years and I work with clay and nature. I try to find the connection between clay, ceramic creation and the environment. I am also a digital illustrator and I create commercial cartoon illustrations.



Clay is the primary material in my art practice, both from my personal attachment to the material and from the natural connection between clay and the environment. I try to create works in the natural environment, combining ceramic art and video, in order to convey my understanding of ceramics as a material, as well as my thoughts on the relationship between human beings and the environment.


I recorded and edited the production process on video, and I hope that in the video, the production process is like the growth process of a creature whose colour and smooth surface make it look like skin or carapace, which looks out of place in the environment or like a parasitic organism that fits snugly. In fact, this process of making requires me to walk around the city with clay and tools to find the right place, and I have travelled further afield by train to try to find richer environments by the sea, in the forest. This process of getting out and making sculptures outdoors has been personally healing for me, and I hope the viewer finds peace in it as well.

After firing

Ceramic sculptures

This clay is red before firing and black after. I use white decorating slips to paint the smooth part white, and keep the side in contact with the environment showing the original black colour, and put it on the white stand to see more clearly the imprints left by them in the environment. They are like the footprints I left behind when I walked through the earth, step by step, they are all my experiences and feelings. Now they look like mushrooms growing from the showroom floor.