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Yuan Chen

A fashion designer with a keen interest in the way design can express an individual’s personality and feelings.To me, fashion is an outlet for self-expression.It helps us tell our stories and learn more about each other. And I believe that fashion must become more responsive to the environment in the future.I am committed to promoting sustainable fashion design, in terms of clothing materials and design cuts.

The Perfect Flaws
Words Allergy
Transition Layer



The Perfect Flaws

Words Allergy

Transition Layer

The starting point for this project is a comfort object that I had as a child, which was my emotional support for many years. I attempt to use recycled foam to make garments instead of common garment fillings. I cut the fabric into geometrical shapes to respect the rule of zero waste and to minimise the consumption of fabric resources. The garment’s silhouette depends on the different drawstrings and the laying of the fishbone, which allows for various shapes to be created by adjusting the elasticity of the drawstrings.

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