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Yijiao Qu

Twisted Emotions

Twisted Emotions

The project aims to explores the design of clothing collections based on emotional themes.
When it comes to emotion, most people would consider it as an abstract concept that cannot be seen or touched. However, one of the easiest ways to recognize emotions can be seen as observing the changes in people’s facial expressions, especially the changes in facial muscles that occur when people make exaggerated expressions. Artists will reflect these abstract emotions in their works. For example, some sculptures, with their distorted, squeezed and bound facial expressions, and paintings, with their strong, vibrant colors and splashes of brushwork, both can be seen as forms of artistic expression that stimulate mood swings.

Using 3D experiments to twist, squeeze and bind to obtain emotional designs, it is possible to transform conventional garments into abstract garments for achieving twisted silhouettes and asymmetrical collections.

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