Innovation School MDes Design Innovation & Collaborative Creativity

YI HAN (She/her/her)

My design practice is about interdisciplinary communication, generating new ideas through engagement and facilitation. I am passionate about community art practices and improving accessibility.


This project is to find a way in which art can make an impact on people outside museums and galleries. How could someone engage with the making process of art and benefit from it, even though they had no art experience?

As a practice of socially engaged art, this project tried to propose a future that art making becomes more accessible as a part of community activities. The outcome is a roadmap centered around an open space – a ‘community creative studio’ and a vision of its application scenarios was established as the final delivery. In conclusion, it enables the community as a medium of art, making artistic production more accessible and thus empowering individuals. At the same time, art becomes a medium for the community through derivative programs and community artifacts to enhance the vitality of the community, thus empowering it.