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Lisa Yeokyung Cho (She)

Hello, I’m an envrionmental sculptist and an interior designer who is interested in exploring materiality in spaces.

The Quiet Project

The Quiet Project

This research project focuses on developing a biodegradable soundproof panel made from natural material: sand. These panels are specifically designed for use inside an open-plan office to create privacy pods due to the multitude of distractions present in such an environment, but it has further possibility of use in any type of spaces.


The study of sand involved several experiments, including testing the particle size, evaluating soundproofing capabilities, and conducting biodegradability tests. Additionally, I explored different patterns and installation methods for the tiles on walls.


The inception of this project stemmed from my quest to discover a truly eco-friendly material devoid of any artificial substances. The sand tiles consist solely of sand, corn starch, and water, making them authentically sustainable.


Through this research, I have demonstrated the potential usability of sand tiles in various spaces, firmly believing that adopting this material will lead to an improved environment and enhanced quality of life for individuals.

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The Quiet Project

This project is about finding sustainable way of installing private booth inside open plan office. I explored to find biodegradable acoustic tile, which is only made with sand and cornstarch.


tile installing

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