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Yen-Te Lu

Yen-Te, Lu is from Tainan, Taiwan.

He has been interested in field surveys and photography since his university days. He completed his Bachelor of Architecture at Chinese Culture University (2013-2018) in Taipei and had several practical experiences in architectural studios.

During his military service (2018-2019), he was exposed to work in firefighting and emergency rescue service, and became aware of the resource gap and cultural divide between urban and rural areas. This indirectly prompted him to rethink the relationship between architecture and human beings through his profession. While studying for his Master’s degree at Mackintosh School of Architecture, he believes that by operating with more serious and controversial architectural designs would help people to understand the adaptability of architecture to both urban contexts and social phenomena.

Architecture of Death- Adaption of Contemporary Cemetery in Urban Context

Architecture of Death- Adaption of Contemporary Cemetery in Urban Context

Port Dundas, as a former major transport hub in Glasgow, has been involved in and witnessed Glasgow’s important history and past. It lost its connection to the city centre after the 1970s after the M8 motorway was built. The concrete island, surrounded by a man-made canal, has become a site of interest because of its unique location and form. The rich historical context and geography provide the potential to explore the interaction between the cemetery and the modern city, and the design of the building in this thesis will consider both the sacred and ritualistic reproduction of the cemetery building itself, as well as the sustainable operation of the cemetery building. On this basis, the intention of the architectural composition and the relationship between the primary and secondary users (the public) and the building is discussed in depth, leading to a conclusion that provides a new way of thinking about cemetery design.