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Yawen Deng

I am an interior and landscape architecture designer. In my perspective, interior design is the discipline used to solve spatial problems. My interest is in technology-enabled spatial design. With technological development and changing social ideologies, interior design is no longer just about solving functional problems, but a multidisciplinary integration tool for cultural preservation and renaissance. Based on the increasing demand for cultural heritage preservation, I designed an experimental multi-sensory virtual reality experience.

Authenticity of Digital Cultural Heritage

Authenticity of Digital Cultural Heritage

Digitalization is a way of sustainable conservation which provides accurate data and reflects the visual status of the cultural heritage. However, some researchers argued that it undermined the authenticity experience when transmitting data from physical space to cyberspace as it lost the intrinsic dimension of tangible historic matter. The research aims at experimental investigations in the aspect of reviving the authenticity of the VR cultural heritage experience. The project chose Linthouse from 1791 in Glasgow to investigate the intrinsic authenticity of VR experience by adaptive preservation through contextualizing digital technologies from a historical and theoretical perspective. The virtual space told a story of Glasgow city modernization, meanwhile, exploring an approach to break the edge of the physical world and virtual world in order to support the authenticity revival through a multi-sensory experience.

History Research

Materials and Pattern Research

Design Process


Rendering 2

Casting Model

Rsearch Transition

Floor Plan

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