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By bringing together people, creativity, and reasoning, I help to design services and experiences for a favorable future. Interest in talking to strangers.

#I’m Open to Talk about End of Life
Effective Policing

Collaborative Work
The Exchange: Making meaningful connections through exchange

#I’m Open to Talk about End of Life


Conversations about death happen late, at moments of crisis, thus depriving people of the opportunity to openly discuss wishes and preferences, and leaving families to deal with the emotional and practical burden alone.

There exists a wide variety of support tools and resources that would help promote early end-of-life conversations and planning. However, the fear of talking about death makes it difficult to reach the people in need.



A service framework that places the healthcare system in the leading role to start early and ongoing end-of-life conversations with patients and families, and connect them to support at the right time

To engage and communicate this proposal to NHS, I designed a physical toolkit that shows how interventions and new resources would create impacts. The toolkit could be used to prompt discussion and further develop the service with participants.

Street Interview

A whiteboard that invites people to approach me and share their experience

Current vs Ideal End-of-life Journey Map

An ideal end-of-life journey involves early conversations and planning that deal with a range of issues, including advance care planning, seeking emotional closure, and setting up wills and other legal documents.

Systematized Solution

A systematized solution to connect people to support needs to be in place in the healthcare system. It would take the burden off individual staff who struggle with whether they should initiate conversations and take responsibility if it upset people. The last thing we want is to force people into conversations. By offering information and support services in different ways at different times of the end-of-life journey, a systematized solution gives people many options to access support in the way they want.

Proposal - Service Experience Kit

A physical toolkit that shows how interventions and new resources would create impacts through engagement. This toolkit is designed with NHS in mind that it is going to be used by them to test with participants and co-design how it would be best implemented.

Project Process Journal

Effective Policing


In Scotland, 4 in 5 incidents of forced sexual intercourse are not reported to the police. Police officers are perceived as best trained to ensure physical safety, but tend to ignore emotional safety. Victim-survivors face difficult challenges when navigating the emotional landscape of reporting sexual crimes.

How might we foster a safe space for victim-survivors reporting sexual crimes?


Our proposal is a central hub support system that provides transparent, trauma-informed information to victim-survivors and gives them full agency over whether and when to report.



Actors in victims’ criminal justice journey

This map shows the important actors that victims encounter at different stages of reporting. It gives an idea of how burdening it is for victim-suvivors to deal with different professionals in the criminal justice journey.

Victim-survivors’ Journey Map of Reporting Sexual Crimes

This map shows victims’ feelings, frustrations and analyzed the problems at different stages.

Alternative Journey Map

With our proposal, victim-survivors would experience a reporting journey imbued with care.

Ecosystem of Care

We proposed changes in how victim-survivors interact with the people (police officers), space (police station), and digital touchpoint (website). Altogether, they form an ecosystem of care.

Project Process Journal

The Exchange: Making meaningful connections through exchange


Cumbernauld, like many New Towns, lacks a ‘heart’. While locals can’t seem to agree on what’s missing – from adequate  nightlife, transport, to housing – they are united regarding the uncertainty of their future there. Cumbernauld is suffering an image problem; it is in desperate need of a community-led revival, not another overpromising plan.


We found out how people experience and perceive Cumbernauld – from local residents young and old, students from nearby, to business owners, and charities. Using probes and conducting co-design workshops at a community hub, we discovered that while Cumbernauld as a whole receives negative attention, a majority was centred around one neighbourhood – Carbrain. Our proposal aims to address immediate concerns and relief for Carbrain, while providing a reason to care for Cumbernauld in the long term.


Our proposal champions the exchange of ideas, aid, and gifts – strengthening community by providing a space where meaningful activities and learning can take place. Using Cumbernauld’s railway station’s strategic placement to signpost to third-sector and commercial organisations, The Exchange supports deprived communities today, and cares for future generations tomorrow.

The Exchange is a service design proposal with UK New Towns in mind, and Cumbernauld at its heart.