MDes Interior Design School of Design

Xinru Yang (she/her)

I try to bring the outside into the interior space, and I want my projects to explore the area’s potential. Spaces get enriched with meaning.

I enjoy the challenge of multi-disciplinary fusion projects such as integrating service design into the interior design; these interdisciplinary designs are essential for people and can bring more possibilities to a space. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to think more seriously about our world and to help us connect with specific events.

Before studying for a Masters in Interior Design at GSA, I completed my undergraduate degree in Art and Science in China, where I learned several design courses.

Love is Sensible- virtual dating community
Home of Artificial Intelligence

Love is Sensible- virtual dating community

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, people’s lifestyles have shifted in recent years, and online dating is a product of social and technological changes that have gradually transformed relationships into commodified games. The research aims to explore the possibility of a digital shift in intimacy. How the concept of metaverse can help to realise digital spaces and thus think about how to design virtual dating spaces and whether users in virtual worlds get a different dating experience.
I went through the use of an online dating app and aimed to experience the main features of dating apps from a user perspective and the different revelations that dating apps offer. The data came from an anonymous questionnaire (a total of 33 participants took part in my questionnaire), and its primary purpose was divided into two aspects. One was to find out how people mainly date and what they think about dating; the other aim was to find out what people know and what attitudes they have towards such apps, and I needed to find out what users want from such apps.
This study suggests that the application of dating apps is a medium through which individuals pursue love. Hopefully, this study will provide insight into how people use dating apps today and their role in developing intimate relationships. In addition, it is expected to understand the ideal form of dating and the outlook on digital dating. To find an intrinsic link between the research findings and the design, to help make reasonable speculations about the design space and to provide opportunities for speculative design to be engaged with. Rethink whether there are alternative ways of social interaction.


Social Bar

This public space is defined as having a social function, where different bars have different characteristics, and people can choose the corresponding bar according to their preferences. Bars in the virtual world offer a unique experience where people can make friends, dance together and have fun.


It can be used as a private dating space, where users can change the furniture and layout to suit their ideas and preferences and invite people into their ‘home’. They can also host parties in their homes.


You can enjoy an incredible sunset here in the late afternoon if you don't want an open view and more privacy. The room's glass can be transformed to blur the scene outside; you can't be seen if someone passes out.


This is a virtual museum where you can admire the details of the digital collection. You can try to reach out and touch the exhibit to feel its materials and textures.


Application Square

This is the gateway to other spaces where you can see all the features of the dating community. Please scan the QR code with your mobile phone and experience the space.

Dating Bar

People can try to float in the air, where you can disobey the rules of the physical world.


Would you like to go on a date in the snow? Then choose a snowy scene! There are many more scenes for you to unlock!


If you like forests, you can choose a forest scene.


The museum was designed with elements of the temple in mind, and I wanted to have a collision of the historical past and the technological future.
You can view digital exhibits up close and see more detail, such as the Mona Lisa portrait.
You can sit back and admire the paintings.

dating models

1. This is done at home, you can use the VR technology in your own home, and everyone’s profile appears in the air in front of you. All you have to do is move and swipe your fingertips, just like you would with an online app, swiping left and right. This approach is suitable for people who don’t want to go out and socialise, simplifying the process and allowing them to choose their social targets. 2. Each bar has a different theme, and I'm sure you'll find someone who shares your interests in the bar. This is ideal for those who want to go out and socialise and like to talk to people face to face.

Home of Artificial Intelligence

In 2030, AI robots and humans live together, with humans in the driver’s seat. AI learns human emotions and develops a sense of self. AI grows to believe that she is human and needs to be on an equal footing with humans. The humans have feelings for her but do not identify with her as a human. When the humans discover that the AI will not fully follow instructions, the humans believe that a crisis is coming ……

Emotions arise between humans and AI robots, and there is an emotional hold. However, the AI robot is constantly being updated, getting better versions after generations of obsolescence. The scientist who created the AI believes that this AI robot is unique and irreplaceable and has to escape with the AI. The site exists as a refuge or a laboratory function. I see it more as a refuge, self-sufficient energy through the wind turbine’s wind power.

Some forms and relationships produce relationships in space. I want to discuss the tension between humans and AI. Humans want to create AI but are afraid that AI will take their place and threaten them.


Placing ingredients and pots, and pans on the table triggers the display. It will advise on the elements to be prepared, changing how cooking is done.

control area

Next to the lift is the control area, where the vertical farm can be monitored. The vertical farm is in the middle of the lift perimeter and the wind turbine wall.

control area-detail


Can maintain robots daily and make robots.


The laboratory's functions also include monitoring human health and providing medical services. It tracks body data, accesses medical records, uses health data and customises nutrition and diet (information can be transmitted to the kitchen)


They can't see outside in the wind turbine, but the display allows them to change the scenery and imagine themselves on a beautiful beach.



handmade model