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Ximan Chen

I am a service designer with an interaction design background, interested in public service and the B2B industry.



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Live with Dementia – Dementia Friends

Live with Dementia – Dementia Friends


This is a collaborative home care system for young carers whose family members have dementia. The aims of this project are to encourage and help young carers’ routines supporting people with dementia. Younger carers involved in this project will receive tailored support and training on how to organise ‘family unity in order to care for Dementia patients on a local level. As I believe nobody should face dementia alone.

“An estimated 80 per cent of people living in care homes have dementia” (UK dementia update, Altzheimer’ however due to the current caring systems in place, dementia patients are more often to be neglected causing the disease to become worse. There is a significant gap within the caring sector in the UK and a lack of encouragement for young carers to take up roles in dementia hospitals and care homes. I believe my project will encourage change within this sector providing more support for carers and their families.

The working timescale for my project is approximately three months. My main approaches to research are the use of ethnography to reflect upon my own experiences, as well as Primary research methods, including interviews with young carers and experts in dementia care, Secondary research methods, and an analysis of the current caring systems to identify needs and expectations of young carers. In order to receive critical feedback regarding my project, I have created a user prototype which will ensure my target users ( carers and their families) are met and recorded.



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