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The inspiration for this project came from the film ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, which is characterised by its ubiquitous symmetrical composition and ‘macaroon’ colour palette. Symmetry is an orderly and stable design, symmetry creates balance and balance creates harmony, order and beauty, symmetry is the thematic element of this project and I have incorporated ‘symmetry’ throughout the design. At the same time the character ‘LOBBY BOY’ from the film was my muse and I also took inspiration from him for the detailing and added the 1930s costume characteristics of the film’s period to create this collection.

The production process of clothing has a lasting impact on the environment, with the energy required for production and the pollution produced being harmful to the environment. Therefore, the use of sustainable materials has the potential to reduce the waste of resources to a large extent. I also want to incorporate this philosophy into my designs by using natural and durable fabrics wherever possible and avoiding chemically processed materials, which can also be better degraded and recycled afterwards.

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