The project is based on historical references to Victorian aesthetics and the structural and functional sports elements of cycling apparel. Clothing changed a lot when women first rode a bike. For the convenience of riding, women began to take off their corsets and their skirts were shortened by drawstrings. Examining the characteristics of cycling clothing from the Victorian era to modern times, focusing on clothing functionality. This project shows the reconfiguration of women’s bodies through clothing, the liberation of mind and body, and the pursuit and yearning for freedom.

In recent years, influenced by Alexander McQueen’s works, sports elements have been integrated into the dress design. Therefore, in my series, the research method is to collect a large number of Victorian clothing and sportswear through first-hand and second-hand research, analyze the characteristics of both, for example, extract the puff sleeves, lace collars of Victorian clothes, and matched with semi zipper cycling clothes. Promote collage and series design through 2D composition and 3D draping experiments.

In addition, the design will be based on the research on the sweating area of the human body and the structure of the dividing line. For example, the mesh fabric will be designed to be breathable under the armpit, and the elastic knitted fabric will be designed on the side to meet the needs of twisting movement. Use bright color dividing lines to outline and decorate the female figure. A drawstring with adjustable functionality is incorporated into the design as the main element.