Trashion- The Aesthetics of Waste

“Trashion” represents the change needed to reduce waste and slow down the speed the fashion industry is currently manufacturing products.

I began this project by creating a broad photography series of sculptures, made from everyday household waste materials such as cardboard, foil and single use plastics, with the intention of subverting views of the objects we often thoughtlessly discard each day. Through the medium of collage, I created a range of garment visualisations inspired by the waste sculptures, and this cemented my concept of taking materials destined for landfill, and recreating them into a visually striking, sustainably conscious collection. I made thoughtful decisions about material choices, using eco-friendly fabrics, where possible, to produce my garments. Exploring how sustainability could inform the overall aesthetic, silhouette design and manufacture of my garments, encompassing this concept of environmentalism throughout the entire design process.