There is no Planet B

Current mainstream design practice overlooks the planet’s needs, especially while designing digital services/products. I looked into the people behind these services/products and dubbed them ‘Changemakers‘. These changemakers have tremendous potential but still feel they do not have the right tools or power to incorporate these needs into their process.
For design to contribute to society’s capacity to make these shifts to alternative systems, it needs to empower changemakers to be more systems-conscious and facilitate the transition.
My proposal is a graphically illustrated cartoon booklet called ‘A day in the life of an Ecological Designer’, a satirical take on the systemic issues plaguing the current mainstream design practice. Through this book, I wish to address the first step towards transition – raising awareness but via humour. I wanted to create a medium through which I challenge conflicting views and power relations while enabling renegotiation.

A woman holding the book titled "A day in the life of an ecological designer'

A day in the life of an Ecological Designer

A satirical take on the systemic barriers stopping change makers to take action towards climate change in the digital industry

A page from the book

A collection of cartoons highlighting the systemic issues

The book