THE VESSEL OF ISIS – portfolio

This project is to study how femininity is formed by analyzing the archetype of the great mother goddess. Therefore, I choose to study the female hairstyles of different countries in history to find the connection between femininity and social culture and race. Hair plays an important role in the culture of ancient African civilization. It symbolizes a person’s family background, social status, spirituality, tribe and marital status, and African female hair weaving is the most representative. I combine the unique hairstyles of Fulani tribe with linear art and apply it to fashion design. The line presents different arrangement modes and forms in one frame, forming a new combination mode of three-dimensional and multi-media mixed materials, breaking the traditional concept that the line can only be used for flat knitting or loom. With my collections I try to look for the fine line between fashion and art, I find it interesting to see the body as a sculpture in my design. The designs are somewhere between clothing and installation, it’s more of a tribute to the body.