The Stone Age (2021)

In June of 2021 I was awarded a filmmaking commission from the Edinburgh International Book Festival. As part of their program Reading Scotland, six authors chose filmmakers to create a short film in response to a book they were set to promote.

I was lucky to be selected by Shetland-based poet Jen Hadfield to make a film in response to her new collection The Stone Age. I chose to collaborate again with Oscar Prentice-Middleton (MDes Sound For Moving Image).

Oscar worked with an abstract palette of field recordings from Shetland-based sound recordist Jenny Sturgeon. As a starting point, he built a tempo based on the sun’s path across the sky during a Shetland solstice. The soundtrack embodies a synthesis of the natural and the human-made, and includes calls from a local seabird colony (Storm Petrels, Oystercatchers and Gannets), trickling gyös, spinning wheels, and traditional musical instruments. Short excerpt below:

The Stone Age (Excerpt)

Short excerpt from 'The Stone Age' Dir: Alison Piper Dop: Kirstin McMahon Sound Design: Oscar Prentice-Middleton Field Recordings: Jenny Sturgeon Costume: Kirsty Halliday HMU: Babs Clubb 1st AD: Henry Gordon Produced by White Stag Films