The new portrait of seagull

The next morning after I arrived to Glasgow, I was awakened by the cry of seagulls outside the window. Then I realized that I had never seen seagulls in China such it can be see everywhere in here. In the next few days, I was also awakened by the seagulls outside the window. Out of curiosity about new things, I decided to record it with my camera when they will show up every time. However, after I took only 12 pictures of seagulls, they never appeared again. Then I decided to do a project with seagulls as the main element. This project about seagull is inspired from my daily observation, using different kind of small-scale stuff to compose into a whole project. In my imagination, every small-scale work is based on the transformation and fabrication of real events. In order to further blur the boundaries of facts, I hope my whole project is like a reproduction of a biologist’s research site. I hope to construct a familiar and unfamiliar image of seagulls through these fragments of images so that we can re-examine the relationship between humans and animals, at the same time, extend our thinking about the identity of different communities.

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